Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Alarm image Pro-SafetyUnder The Fire (Scotland) Act (Part 3 Section 53), it is a requirement for employers/owners to have a fire risk assessment carried out.

Sub-section 2 sets out the specific duties of employers in relation to carrying out a risk assessment and in taking the necessary fire safety measures to ensure that they comply with their general duty under sub-section 1.

It can be very confusing and time consuming, but there is one simple solution – leave it to us.

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Because of an obvious need, and in response to a growing number of enquiries from our clients, we are delighted to offer a total fire risk assessment of the workplace complete with written report. The fee will be dependent on the size and layout of the building. Unlike some of our competitors, we are fully trained and qualified to assess the likely fire spread and the most likely scenario in a fire situation. Based on our analysis, we can then pass on advice with respect to safeguarding the well-being of employees as well as structural / building matters.

We recognize that most employers don’t have the time or skills to carry out these legal obligations. We offer our services and expertise as fire risk consultants using highly qualified and experienced staff. We can adapt to your needs and concerns and can carry out professional fire risk assessments, as well excellent staff training. Ultimately we will work together to create a fire safety policy which will ensure safety for your employees and around your premises.

Fire & Rescue Authorities throughout the country are inspecting premises and asking to see the fire risk assessment. An enforcement notice may be issued if a suitable & sufficient assessment has not been carried out and this can lead to severe penalties including a large fine or even imprisonment.

What is a Fire Safety Risk Assessment?

A fire safety risk assessment is an analytical review of the premises, the activities within the premises, the potential for a fire to occur and the damage it could cause to the people in and around the premises. The existing fire safety measures are evaluated and kept under review to establish whether they are adequate or whether more requires to be done.

For the purpose of fire safety risk assessment, a hazard is a situation that can give rise to a fire. Risk has two components: the likelihood that a fire may occur; and the consequence, i.e. the potential for a fire to cause death or injury. Both of these components should be considered in a fire safety risk assessment.

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